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How To Delete Multiple Friends On Facebook

Posted by Kunal Shah
Accually I had not seen to much croude on my Facebook Profile but I realized my facebook Friend list had Become full with people who I Don't Know and they polluting my account Timeline with Sending games Request and Taging me so I Finally decided remove them all to my Facebook account but I could not choosen One by one and after remove them and  i wanted to delete more then 100 friends on my facebook  account so I thinks it's very daunting task.

You also have try to delete Facebook Friends and You realized that it's very easy to adding Friends on Facebook But Really Hard to delete them.

How To Delete Multiple Friends In Facebook

  • Install Plugins Delete Facebook Friends by Clicking On Install Button You can Found Search Box On Top Right Of Your Page.
  • Now Go To Your Friend List Page Using Facebook after Tick On The Check Box Friends which You can remove on the Facebook.
  • Click On Delete Facebook Friends Button.
  • Now In Your Screen One message Show about Information Like How Many Friends have been remove on your friend list.


As You have Fireox User then Downlaod GreaseMonkey and Chrome User then Download Tempermonkey and Other steps are same in Both browser.
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