MomentCam - Make Your Own Creative Cartoon

Posted by Kunal Shah
Momentcam is a Chinese Android application which has translate your image into charming or farcical cartoon , it support Chinese Language and Recently company has launched English language version.

Nowadays Young Generation and selfie lovers more active on social media so this app for those people and it may help you can create your hidden identity or Your Cartoon Image.

Many Girls and ladies does not shared his own identity on Facebook,whatsapp or Social Media For security Reason and Other reason so it might help you lot.

It has Support Android, windows and Ios Operating System.

Direct Download 

Do You Know Why Momentcam Is More Popular?

Huang Guangming Is a Maker Of Momentcam and a Member of Entrepreneurship has two Great features that attract More visitor for use : Fast and Easy way to start.I asked my friends to try it and after they Joyfully send back there pics within Five Minutes.


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